New Year, New You

Dec 31, 2022, 3:00:00 PM

Make this year the year you put you and your health first! We know the year is full of crazy busy schedules and health issues come up! Make the best use of your time and use one of our 6 clinical services to get you back to 100% right away!

Our pharmacies offer the following services, no appointment needed:

-Immunizations (back to school, flu, and so much more)

-Strep Throat Testing and Treatment

-Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

-Yeast Infection Treatment

-Birth Control

-Cold Sore Treatment

We understand you live busy lives and sometimes the above services can be the hardest to check off your to do list. It also can be frustrating to wait for an appointment with your provider. Our Pharmacies want to provide you with a convenient option to get tested, treated and on your way! Check us out today!